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About us

We’re an award-winning Specialist Homelessness Service supporting women in Sydney living with mental ill-health who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. 

We work in collaboration with mainstream services and housing providers to offer an integrated, client-centred approach to homelessness recovery and prevention.  

As the Lead Agent for the Inner City Service for Women with Complex Needs Package, which is a NSW Government funded initiative under the Specialist Homelessness Services Program, we contract other agencies to provide a range of specialist service responses for women:

  • experiencing mental ill health
  • impacted by the criminal justice system
  • recovering from substance dependency

Our contributing agencies include Community Restorative Centre and Detour House Inc. 

We’re named after Beatrice (Bee) Miles, a woman who was well known in the eastern suburbs and city of Sydney where she slept in streets and parks for many years. Learn more about her story.

    B Miles Women’s Foundation holds Certificate level Australian Service Excellence Standards accreditation. This independent accreditation process provides our stakeholders assurance that a commitment to quality underpins every level of our service. 

    Our service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 

    We acknowledge that the COVID-19 outbreak represents a significant health risk to our community and we are committed to supporting our clients and women who are at risk of experiencing homelessness or domestic violence. We have good levels of supplies to assist those in need.

    We are classified as an essential service by virtue of section 4 of the Essential Services Act 1988 (no.41) which entitles us to continue providing services to the community within a specified capacity during pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.  We also have ongoing safety and business plans in place that provide a framework for how we can safely continue to function during the pandemic crisis.  

    While there may be brief periods where things take a little longer than usual, we will continue to provide support to the community throughout the pandemic. Do not hesitate to reach out to our hotline if you’re concerned about your situation.

    All our services are currently operational including crisis accommodation (in hotels), transitional accommodation, and outreach support

    We can't support women without your help

    We are working through this difficult time with full COVID-19 safety protocols in place, and we have ongoing safety and business plans to make sure we're here when you need us.


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