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What our clients say

      “From the moment I came into contact with B Miles, I felt totally supported and safe.” 

      “I have amazing feelings in my new place … When I got the key, it made me cry in happiness. You made my life change and took the big stress and pressure off me.  Last night I had a stress-free sleep for the first time after many years.” 

      “I appreciate the care taken. I felt cared for and individually responded to through my time with B Miles. I also love the special touches given to services received.” 

      This has been life-saving and transformed the way I live.” 

      “The staff are supportive without being judgmental.”

      “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that if anything major happens B Miles is still there supporting me.”

      “They’re so friendly and supportive.”

      “I felt cared for and individually responded to through my time with B Miles.”

      “Staff are so kind and always go the extra mile to assist with any problems.”


      We have a long track record of being recognised for our best-practice support services: 

      Homelessness NSW Good Practice Award 2020 for Excellence in Ending Homelessness (groups with specific needs)

      Won by the Inner City Service for Women with Complex Needs (ICSWCN).

      2018 Homelessness NSW Award for Excellence in Ending Homelessness (Diverse Groups) 

      2015 Mental Health Matters Awards 

      Certificate of Commendation in the category Mental Health Promotion and Wellbeing. Awarded by NSW Mental Health Association and Mental Health Commission NSW. 

      2010 Mental Health Matters Award 

      Awarded by the NSW Mental Health Association for Cross Sector Collaboration to B Miles Women’s Foundation. 

      2010 Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award 

      Awarded by The Mental Health Services Conference in the category entitled – NGO Provided Service. B Miles Women’s Foundation received a silver award in recognition of effective service redesign and partnership to bring about recovery oriented coordinated care for women with a mental illness who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

      2009 NSW Premier’s Award 

      City Women’s Hostel (B Miles Supported Accommodation) was a finalist for the NSW Premier’s Award. 

      2008 Award for Innovation 

      Awarded by St Vincent’s Mental Health Service to City Women’s Hostel (B Miles Supported Accommodation) for success of working in partnership to meet the needs of mutual clients. 

      A client’s story

      I consider myself very fortunate to have been referred to your service which became my home for a period nine months. I never thought that I’d become ill and homeless, your service helped me to face these challenges without fear and in complete comfort.

      During my stay I received ongoing support and care without which I honestly don’t know where I’d be now. You made it possible for me to hope for better times. 

      You became a family to me that endured the weight of my recovery, there was never a moment, during my stay, when I felt alone on my journey. On the (date deleted) it’ll be a year since my hospital discharge and I cannot thank you enough for helping me to stay out of the system. 

      It’ll be my first year, in a period of two years, that I remained hospital free and I consider it a major achievement. I strongly believe that you made it possible for me not only to remain in the community but to flourish in the process. 

      I want to thank you for every aspect of my recovery be it a healthy, hot meal every night or an opportunity to share my turbulent experience of recovery and reintegration. 

      Upon my hospital discharge I was destitute and hopeless, I had no one to turn to when you gently and lovingly guided me towards stable housing, much needed clinical support and reassurance that I’m not alone and voiceless.

      Annual report

      Learn more about our goals, achievements, culture and quality improvement processes over the financial year 2020-2021.

      100% of the women who completed the B Miles Transitional Housing program moved into secure safe and affordable long-term housing.

      We can't support women without your help

      We are working through this difficult time with full COVID-19 safety protocols in place, and we have ongoing safety and business plans to make sure we're here when you need us.


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